Hyway Trucking Service Center

Hyway was founded in 1986 by Roger Lenhart with a simple mission – provide excellent transportation service at an affordable price for customers.  He did this by building relationships with people - everyone from the corporate decisions makers, to the folks in shipping and receiving as well as truck drivers.  It was recipe for success, as Hyway has grown over the past 30 years into a premier provider of transportation services in the Midwest.  Hyway provides the following services for their customers:

  • On Time Delivery – Hyway prides itself in the ability to meet and exceed delivery requirements, both for production loads and non-time sensitive shipments
  • GPS Tracking and Communication – Hyway trucks are equipped with OmniTracs units that allow for 24/7 communication and tracking
  • EDI – Hyway offers customers the ability to handle all manner of transactions – operational and financial - electronically through Electronic Data Interchange
  • Dropped Trailers – Hyway has invested heavily to have a large trailer to tractor ratio so we can provide dropped equipment for our customers to keep their docks clear and our drivers moving.
  • Friendly Service – While Hyway has grown, we have never forgotten it is the relationships with people that make all business go.  We will handle your account with professionalism and a personal touch not found elsewhere.

If you are interested in learning more about what Hyway can do for you, please call us at 419-423-7145, x132!